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62.5 foot mound game played Houston Apollos 7 Salina Stockade 3

4/9/2019- This was the final game of the Pecos Spring League. Most notably the game was played with a 62.5 foot mound. The game was a 7-3 final and by the 4th inning pitchers had fully made an adjustment. Cip Garza and Brett Marshall threw excellently as starters...

The following coaches/players were interviewed and gave their feedback on 62.5 foot mound. Cip Garza "I have had some control issues in my lifetime, the 62.5 foot mound didn't effect me I actually walked less people than I have on a 60.5 foot mound."

Brett Marshall "I had to make minor adjustments to my breaking ball but that was it."

Tyler Herr "The mound looks really far"

Andrew Dunn "By the fourth inning everyone stopped worrying about the mound and it was a regular game. "

KHOU 11 filmed the game and interviewed players for a possible future news segment on their Sunday Night Sports Show...This concludes the 8th season of the Pecos Spring League. Houston Apollos 7 Salina Stockade 3

This game was played on 4/9/2019 at Coastal Baseball Park.