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Monterey Amberjacks 5 Hollywood Stars 3

6/3/2017-The Pecos League landed in Monterey on Saturday Night as the Monterey Amberjacks defeated the Hollywood Stars in front of a sold out Sollectio Park. More than 995 fans watched local legend Pete Ruiz strike out 11 hitters in four innings. The Amberjacks rallied to score 5 runs in the 7th and Steve Carr held off the Stars to preserve the Wind.

Matt Sizemore was the team's announcer. The Sollectio Family threw out a pinpoint strike for the opening pitch. Caleb Davidson from the Hollywood Stars hit the games first and only home run.

The two teams square off tonight. Monterey Amberjacks 5 Hollywood Stars 3

This game was played on 6/3/2017 at Sollecito Park
 R   H   E 
HOL    3   4   4 
MON    5   7   3