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Tucson Saguaros 5 Trinidad Triggers 1 in Pecos League Return to Raton New Mexico

7/26/2022-The Tucson Saguaros defeated the Trinidad Triggers 5-1 on Tuesday Afternoon in Raton. Tyler Rumbaugh threw 7 innings to lead the Tucson Saguaros. The cold weather really slowed down the bats with temperatures in the 60s.

After Monday Nights rainout in Trinidad, this critical two game series was reduced to one game that had to cross the state line and move up game time to 3:00 PM to avoid another rainout.

Raton New Mexico hosted the Raton Osos in the Pecos League in 2013 and 2014 and was one of the main locations for the Pecos League TV Show that featured the Trinidad Triggers.

With the Trinidad Triggers loss the Santa Fe Fuego are one full game back of the Triggers. The Roswell Invaders are one full game ahead of the Triggers in the three seed.

Trinidad begins a 5 game home and home series with Colorado Springs on 7/27. Santa Fe begins a 5 game home and home series with the Garden City Wind.

The Tucson Saguaros play the Roswell Invaders a single game on 7/28/2022, before they head to California to end their regular season.
 R   H   E 
TUC    5   8   0 
TRI    1   8   1