6/3/2022-Nico ODonnell got the win for the Austin Weirdos.

Joseph Barrons got the loss for the Weimar Hormigas.

For the Austin Weirdos, Nick Coffman lead the way at the plate going 0-1.

Aramis Cruz also helped the ballclub at the plate going 1-1.

This game was played in Austin at Parque Zaragosa on 2022-06-03 at 6:30:00 PM

With the win the Austin Weirdos move to 1-1 on the season.

Austin Weirdos play Weimar Hormigas at Parque Zaragosa at 6:30:00 PM on Jun 4 2022.

With the loss the Weimar Hormigas move to 1-1 on the season.

Weimar Hormigas play the Austin Weirdos at Parque Zaragosa at 4:00:00 PM on Jun 5 2022.