8/7/2021-Trey Silmon got the win for the Alpine Cowboys.

Jack McNellis got the loss for the Roswell Invaders.

For the Alpine Cowboys, Alex Canty lead the way at the plate going 2-3.

Josh Laurie also helped the ballclub at the plate going 0-0.

This game was played in Alpine at Kokernot Field on 2021-08-07 at 7:00:00 PM

With the win the Alpine Cowboys move to 31-26 on the season.

Alpine Cowboys play Roswell Invaders at Kokernot Field at 7:00:00 PM on Aug 8 2021.

With the loss the Roswell Invaders move to 32-27 on the season.

Roswell Invaders play the Garden City Wind at Clint Lightner at 6:30:00 PM on Aug 12 2021.