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Home of Alpine Cowboys
Elevation: 4455
County: Brewster

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Inside of Clubhouse--- Front Area--- Inside of Stadium--- Concession Sign--- Locker Room--- Concession Area--- Field from Distance--- Outfield Fence--- Outfield Fence--- 3rd Base Stands--- Sunken Dugouts--- Net--- Front of Stadium--- Front of Stadium--- Open Gate--- Historic Brick Wall--- Historic Brick Wall--- Historic Brick Wall--- Workout Area--- Outfield Wall--- Home Bullpen--- Home Bullpen--- Right Field Wall--- Green Brick--- Mountains--- Scoreboard--- Centerfield Wall--- Distance View--- Distance View--- Stands--- Stands--- Stands--- Outfield--- Right Field Line--- Aerial --- Outfield--- Entrance--- Fans--- Fans--- Fans--- Stands--- Stands--- Plaque--- Night Mound--- Night Lights--- Kokernot Back Wall---