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2016 Champions

Tucson Saguaros

2015 Champions

Roswell Invaders

2014 Champions

Santa Fe Fuego

2013 Champions

Roswell Invaders

2012 Champions

Alpine Cowboys

2011 Champions

Roswell Invaders

Ballparks of the Pecos League
Home of Alpine Cowboys
Elevation: 4455
County: Brewster

See Games played at Kokernot Field
Visit Website of Kokernot Field
Home of Bakersfield Train Robbers
Elevation: 3606
County: Kern

See Games played at Sam Lynn Ballpark
Visit Website of Sam Lynn Ballpark
Home of California City Whiptails
Elevation: 2405
County: Kern

See Games played at Balstis Park
Home of Garden City Wind
Elevation: 2838
County: Finney

See Games played at Clint Lightner
Visit Website of Clint Lightner
Home of High Desert Yardbirds
Elevation: 2871
County: San Bernardino

See Games played at Adelanto Stadium
Home of Monterey Amberjacks
Elevation: 26
County: Monterey

See Games played at Sollecito Park
Home of Roswell Invaders
Elevation: 3655
County: Chaves

See Games played at Joe Bauman
Visit Website of Joe Bauman
Home of Salina Stockade
Elevation: 1250
County: Saline

See Games played at Dean Evans Stadium
Home of Santa Fe Fuego
Elevation: 7000
County: Santa Fe

See Games played at Fort Marcy
Visit Website of Fort Marcy
Home of Trinidad Triggers
Elevation: 6010
County: Las Animas

See Games played at Trindad Central Park
Home of Tucson Saguaros
Elevation: 2389
County: Pima

See Games played at Kino Sports Complex
Visit Website of Kino Sports Complex
Home of White Sands Pupfish
Elevation: 4222
County: Otero

See Games played at Griggs Park