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Pecos League Roster Rules for the 2024 Season

  • The Pecos League office will classify all players status for 2023 season.
  • A player born after January 1, 2001 is considered a rookie regardless of prior experience.
  • 16 players that are born on or after January 1, 1998 and have less than 150 at bats or 65 innings pitched in professional baseball. (Pecos League Rookies)
  • 9 players can be veterans of any age.
  • 6 players can be classified as an import.

Teams will carry a 22 man active roster with a 25 man expanded roster. Each player will be defined as a rookie or veteran on the team's roster. A player who is moved off the Expanded Roster for any reason (including, but not limited to, release or injury) shall not be permitted back onto the Expanded Roster until after 14 days have expired since his removal. Exceptions to this rule may be granted only by express written approval of the Commissioner (for good cause). Such written approval, if granted, shall be provided to the requesting manager and the League Adjudicator, plus the opposing manager of the requesting team’s current or next opponent. In any event, when the player returns to the Expanded Roster, the limitations of Rule 403(c)(1) shall not be exceeded, and any player removed from the roster to make room for the returning player is subject to the restrictions of this Rule.

Playoff Format

  • Eight teams will qualify for the playoffs
  • The team with the best record in each division will qualify as division winner. (Mountain North, Mountain South, Pacific North, Pacific South)
  • Each Conference Mountain and Pacific will have two teams that are non division winners with the best record regardless of division.
  • Playoff Location will be determined on ballpark availability, proximity of travel and standings. When possible in the first round both teams will host a playoff game.
  • First Round will feature (4) seed vs (1) and seed (2) seed vs (3) seed in Best of 3 series
  • Second Round will feature Winners of each first round series in conference finals Best of 3 series
  • Finals Round will feature Winners of Mountain Conference vs Winners of Pacific Conference at location TBD.