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2013 Top 10 Pecos League FAQ
  • No. 10 Where do the Roswell Invaders get their pants?
    They were found in the middle of the desert in between Vaughn and Santa Fe. No, actually, the pants come from the Philippines. Rawlings cannot produce the fabric due to the material color.

  • No. 9 Where does the Pecos League find its umpires?
    We hire local rovers from northern New Mexico. The league will hire three full time crews and they'll travel with the teams and cover the games.

  • No. 8 Where did the UFO Land?
    On an isolated ranch closer to Corona than Roswell. It is not easily accessible to the public. Roswell was the nearest large city at the time.

  • No. 7 Do the Train Robbers really play in Las Vegas?
    The Las Vegas Train Robbers play in Las Vegas, New Mexico, which is in between Trinidad and Santa Fe on Interstate 25. Las Vegas, Nevada, is not in the Pecos League. The confusion only begins there. A lot of the mail sorted for Las Vegas, N.M., gets to Las Vegas, Nev. Las Vegas, N.M., was actually bigger than Sin City in the 1800's when it was a railroad capital and home to some of the most famous train robbers in North American history.

  • No. 6 Where is White Sands?
    White Sands Missile Range runs from Highway 380 to El Paso bordering Alamogordo, Las Cruces and El Paso. White Sands National Monument is 275 square miles of gypsum sand dunes located about 20 miles southwest of Alamogordo.

  • No. 5 How do teams in Carlsbad and Trinidad play in the Pecos League?
    This has probably been the most confusing part of the league. When the Carlsbad Bats were inaugural members of the Pecos League, there was major confusion that they were a travel team based in Carlsbad, California, north of San Diego. Carlsbad is a city in New Mexico on the Pecos River, 90 miles south of Roswell near the Texas-New Mexico border. It's best known for the Carlsbad Caverns. Trinidad and Tobago is an island that doesn't play baseball. The Trinidad Triggers play 10 miles north of the Colorado Border.

  • No. 4 Where is Ruidoso's home field?
    This question stopped being asked after the 2011 season when the Osos didn't return for the 2012 season. During that season, however, was a maze to find White Mountain Ballpark and visiting teams often got lost the first time they went there. Once they got there the 24 inch high pitching mound and August Monsoon rains will never been forgotten.

  • No. 3 Is the Pecos League headquartered in Pecos?
    This question is asked both in northern New Mexico and west Texas, where each state has a town called Pecos. Pecos, Texas, has the Bills, which are a team in the Pecos League. Pecos, New Mexico, is in between Las Vegas and Santa Fe six miles off of I-25. Neither city is the headquarters or have anything to do with the league being named Pecos. The League was named for the Pecos River region from Del Rio, Texas, to Santa Fe. The Pecos League is Headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices in every city where there is a team except Carlsbad.

  • No. 2 Do players need a passport to play in New Mexico?
    New Mexico is part of the United States. Almost every coach is asked this question frequently when signing players. It is amazing how many people think New Mexico is not part of the United States.

  • No. 1 What is a Pupfish and who named the team Pupfish?
    A pupfish is a killfish that is noted for being found in extreme and isolated situations such as the New Mexico Desert. The White Sands pupfish is found in two springs and two small streams on White Sands Missile Range in the Tulsarosa Basin. They are found nowhere else in the world. Alamogordo assistant city manager Matt McNeile is the person responsible for naming the team in 2010. The team was originally going to be named the New Mexico Kingfish from the Coastal Kingfish. Other names would have been the Alamogordo Raptors.