7/3/2019-Mike Reeves has been removed from Manager of California City Whiptails. His conduct with umpires has caused him to be ejected from three games in the last week.

The Pecos League director of umpires Jack Queen stated "We will not assign umpires to any games Mike Reeves steps on the field. If he steps on the field the umpires will step off. He is dangerous to the umpires, his team and fans with his behavior. He was ejected in Monterey and had the exact same problems. Last night he went overboard and put himself in a game and threw one of Bakersfields hitters. Hitting him and injuring him. He then attacked the umpires before being removed from the park. Mike then threatened the umpires after being ejected and followed them to their car. Mikes players said they no longer wanted him to represent him and will not play for him."

Tyler England will take over manager duties immediately.