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Salina Stockade Spells Opportunity for Pecos League Players

6/4/2020-Salina Stockade Spells Opportunity for Pecos League Players In 2017 the Laredo Lemurs folded their team in the American Association one week before the season started. The American Association Office was left with limited options as their schedule had been released, tickets had been sold and plans were in concrete. The decision was made to run a travel team in the league. Instead of running the time consuming lower reward process of a travel team themselves the Association went for a different route. The Association granted a one year temporary membership to the Pecos League to run their travel team. Originally the league wanted the team be called the Roswell Invaders but they were an active team and had a winning tradition and winning is not in the same sentence as the word Travel Team.

In 2016 the Pecos League had a travel team of their own called the Salina Stockade that had a very successful season. Due to the Pecos League's move to California and date conflicts the Stockade were not going to be brought back to the Pecos League for 2017. The Parks and Recreation director in Salina wanted to have the Stockade alive and play in the American Association as he was a part of an expansion team in Joplin in the same league. Most importantly the Pecos League had hats and uniforms ready to go. It made perfect sense the team would be in a division with Wichita, Cleburne and Grand Prarie and play against Kansas City. Salina was the perfect spot.

46 players played for the Salina Stockade that had played in the Pecos League that likely would have never gotten an opportunity in the American Association. 12 of these players were signed by teams for the 2018 season either in CanAm League or American Association. The Stockade played very well in the 2nd half going 15-35 after their terrible start the team turned competitive.

In 2018 the CanAm League continued their international series with the Domminican Republic despite the fact that Cuba couldn't attend the series. They needed another team to fill the schedule and the easy answer was the Salina Stockade. The Pecos League actually wound up running both teams as the Dominican Republic could not field a competitive team and attempted to made demands for money from the league. The 2nd team was called the Hollywood Star but was all Salina players. In total 64 players played in the CanAm League from the Pecos League that likely would not have be given the opportunity to play in CanAm League. Many of them took advantage of the opportunity.