PECOS, Texas The Pecos Bills will not be a part of the Pecos League this season.

Reeves County Commissioners Court did not move forward on funding for an approved a motion to move outfield lights at Martinez Field. This motion was approved in December and construction was to begin Monday. The council wanted to delay to funding until 2013.

Precinct 3 commissioner Paul Conjeos recently took the chair and was not part of the meeting in 2012. He brought up questions about where the players would be housed due to huge oilfield rush. There is an explosion of oilfield and housing.

Abilene, Texas, based contractor Tim McMurray was delayed for the third time and the project will not be done in time for the 2013 season. McMurray was frustrated and might not do the project at all after he had been told it was a go.

The commission decided to delay the decision until February which would put the 2013 season at risk and possibly lose McMurray, who is the only lighting contractor in the County.

Reeves County owns the park and had approved a motion in Commissioner's Court in November to move forward with renovations to the fence and lights.

Because of the decision, the Pecos League has removed Carlsbad and Pecos from the schedule.
Immediate changes are as follows:
  • Ryan Parent has accepted a coaching position with the Trinidad Triggers.
  • He will be merging rosters with Trinidad. Thirty players from Trinidad and Pecos will become free agents.
  • Carlsbad, which was a travel team, is removed from schedule.
  • Carlsbad had not signed a single player.
  • Taos will move into the Southern Division, leaving two divisions of four teams and a more balanced schedule.
  • Ray Hancock was set to be the Carlsbad manager. He will be offered an assistant job at a later date.
  • The Pecos League is set with eight teams for the 2013 season with no travel teams.
Pecos League Commissioner Andrew Dunn had this comment:

"We had an agreement at Commissioner's Court in November and everything was moving forward. The process was approved and the start of the project wasn't going to start until 2013 due to funding. Mr. McMurray was great to work with and hopefully they approve in February and we move forward for the 2014 season. We are out of time for 2013 season. Spring training would begin May 5 with the regular season beginning May 14. I wasn't at the meeting but the Commissioners concerns are valid. Hotel Rooms are averaging $179 per night per room, which is out of any budget."
Commissioner Precinct 1 Rojelio Alvarado said, "We will shoot for next year. This will be great for Reeves County and Pecos. I am sorry we couldn't get approved in time."
The County Commissioners Court has recommended that Pecos Texas wait until 2014 and join when the stadium is complete.