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Players from Pecos Spring League and Hudson River League have success in 2017

8/17/2017- Players that participated in the The Pecos Spring League and Hudson River League enjoyed major success in the 2017 season.

Edison Alvarez was the winning pitcher in the Can-Am/American Association All-Star Game. Twenty One players made the Pecos League All Star Game. Nine players who played in the Pecos Spring League played for the Salina Stockade in the American Association. Austin Marcellus played the entire season for the California City Whiptails before being traded to Ottawa Champions in Can-Am Trevor Sealey was every day starting centerfielder for Texas Airhogs

  • Jordan Caillouet was everyday third baseman had close to 275+ At Bats
  • Aaron Olivas played middle infield had 234+ At bats
  • Logan Trowbridge was every day starting shortstop had 154+ at bats
  • Scott Stetson got 24 at bats as 2b
  • Steven Taft was a utility player who got 25 at bats
  • Troy Mannebach was a rotational start who threw 44+ innings
  • Tyler Herr was teams closer and pitched in 33 games.
  • Brian Smith started 16 games and accounted for more wins than any starter. Lead team with 88.1+ innings
  • Nick Vehlewald was late season callup made his debut in American Association.
  • Aaron Stubblefield made his debut in American Association as shortstop.

These players had successful season in the Pecos League
  • AJ Bennett was every day player for Hollywood Stars
  • Joe Davis played for White Sands Pupfish before heading to United Shore League where he finished the season.
  • Mark Davis played for White Sands Pupfish where he made the All-Star Team.
  • Logan Escudaro played for White Sands Pupfish where he made the All-Star Team.
  • Caleb Patterson-was contributor for Roswell Invaders
  • Javier Taylor-was top pitcher for California City Whiptails
  • Tommy Hass-played for California City Whiptails and Hollywood Stars
  • Taylor Ellis-was Garden City Wind's main catcher.
  • Scott Stetson-was All Star for California City Whiptails.
  • Tomas Gutierrez-was rotational pitcher for California City Whiptails.
  • Eric Olivo-California City Whiptails
  • Austin Marcellus was All-Star for Whiptails
  • Giovanni Prado-played for High Desert on Championship Team.
  • Bobby Mavis-Bakersfield Train Robbers
  • Eric Schneider-starting Catcher and All Star for Bakersfield Train Robbers
  • Jay Stout-Lead Bakersfield in many offensive categories and all-star for train Robbers
  • Nick Vehlewald-Bakersfield Train Robbers best hitter and promoted to Salina Stockade at end of year.
  • Morgan Blatnik-turned in solid year for Garden City Wind
  • Manny Colon-solid catcher for California City Whiptails
  • Louis Martini-starting shortstop for Roswell Invaders
  • Bobby Webb-starting 2b for Roswell Invaders