8/12/2016-Warning to Pecos League Players

There are many Winter Leagues that are contacting players attempting to get players to pay money to come to a camp and get signed. The Frontier League, American Association, Can- Am League and Atlantic rosters are nearly 100% comprised of players that have played in affliated baseball organizations and been released. Visit Rosters here. They are required to sign X amount of rookies, but usually a rookie is a player with limited number of professional at bats.

Almost no position players play in these leagues on a regular basis without prior Affliated Experience. There are many pay to play Winter League that promise to have scouts and coaches from these leagues to sign players. The Pecos League does not and will not accept players from pay to play winter leagues. Their leagues are based on misrepresenation and jobs that they do not have.

Many players have attended these winter leagues and gotten no job offers. Chris Trebit was told he didn't have the stuff play and was given no job offer by the California Winter League. He had 0.00 ERa and was perfect with all of his apperences. He later would go on to pitch the Pecos League, United League and Atlantic League. "They conned me, i fell for their speech saying they would get me signed and it is was in California. They in business to make money off players they charge $3500 with no refunds. Everyone who goes want would a refund at the end."

The California Winter League is running tryouts under the name Atlanta Braves/Southern Illinois Miners in attempts to lure players to sign up for the California Winter League. The Winter League hung posters in one of the teams dugouts promoting tryouts targeting Pecos League Players. They charge players a basic tryout fee and then have a high pressure salesman call the players and tell the players if they attend the California Winter League they will be scouted or signed by higher level indepdendent leagues. The reality is almost none of their players get signed and the ones that do get signed already had contracts before they attended the camp.

They pay the Frontier League money to use their name and sign 24 guys to Spring Training Invites. Almost all of the players they sign get released and are banned from the Pecos League.

The South Florida and Arizona Winter League has no direct connection to any league. The Winter League pays coaches to take a couple of players to Spring Training and then releases all of them. The Puerto Rico Winter League only has connections to get players in the Empire League where they have to pay to play again.

Over the last 7 years the Pecos League has promoted 341 players to the Frontier League, American Association, Can-Am League and Atlantic Leagues. The Pecos League is not a developmental league it is a professional league where teams play to win championships. But many it is clearly the number one choice for undrafted rookies to get signed that have no other experience. Every year at the conclusion of the Winter Leagues. 100's of players call and say they wish they would have known the truth and they wasted their money and now they are banned. Going to a Winter League is no way to end your career.

Not all players that play in the Pecos League will be promoted and we encourage players to attend individual team workouts not Winter Leagues in attempts to get signed by these higher level leagues. The Atlantic League rarely takes players without AA experience. Before you pay a winter league $3500, try to find a player who has attended a winter league and had success.