8/5/2017-Mojave Desert News
Kane Wickham
California City- The California city Whiptails first season is now officially over. The now beloved team played their last two home games at Rio Tinto Field-Balsitis Park last Wednesday and Thursday nights. Wednesday they played the Hollywood Stars for the last time this year and Thursday brought the Bakersfield Train Robbers down for a go at the number two seated team in the Pecos League.

The Hollywood Stars game went as usual with the Stars grabbing a quick lead right off 4-0, with the Whiptails playing catchup. After catching onto the stars pitcher the Whiptails began catching them. A Grand Slam brought the Whiptails back into the fray and after catching the Stars 4-4, they never looked back. Another Grand Slams and the Whiptails were off and running, adding three more runs over the course of the game to end it Whiptails 11 Hollywood Stars 4 shutting down the last place Pecos team once last time, the Whiptails celebrated with a feats fit for Kings after the game as provided by the Whiptails Booster Club.

The next night had suspense written all over it as the Bakersfield Train Robbers-the second place team in the Pecos League, came to town for the Whiptails last home game. Many thought they would be watching the Whiptails losing their last home game and the start of it suggested that very outcome as the Train Robbers took a quick and decisive 4-0 lead right off in the first inning. Again the Whiptails were challenged to catch them. Never in the first season has such trash been talked by an opposing team as with the Bakersfield bunch. The entire dugout was an echo chamber of put downs and insults, and the local fans took notice. That is until a Whiptails Grand Slam silenced that dugout for good.

With the game tied 4-4 the teams began anew their struggle for victory. No longer were there any sounds coming from the Bakersfield dugout as that team now found itself in a real fight for the W. As the game progressed the Whiptails slowly began creeping up over the Train Robbers, run by run as the Bakersfield team watched in disbelief and the local crowd went wild. At one point the score was Whiptails 7 Bakersfield 4! Not to be outshined by the lower ranked team the Train Robbers mounted a comeback in the 8th inning coming back to within one point of tying the game. Now going into the 9th inning it was Whiptails 7 Bakersfield 6. All eyes were on the Whiptails as they had to hold off anymore scores by the Train Robbers. AS if by divine intervention and just when it was needed most Whiptails #19 Pitcher James Touhey drilled one out and over the fence to give the Whiptails their victory over the Train Robbers 8-7 and giving the Whiptails a monster morale boost in the process. The entire team ran out onto the field to celebrate the victory and the local crowd went absolutely wild. Cheers, whoops and hollers, laughter and cow bells rang out for the stunning upset and photo finish ending.

The Whiptails played their last two games Friday and Saturday nights in Bakersfield where they lost both games thus ending the first season of Pecos League play. Now we have to wait another year for the action to begin again and by all accounts it will according to sources within the organization. So lets all remember the good times had this summer and look forward to YOUR California City Whiptails triumphant return next summer! GO WHIPTAILS!