9/20/2012-3 Keys For Las Cruces Coach

With every passing day the return of Casey Dill to the Vaqueros seems unlikely. With that in mind, the future of the team is not going to be based on building on top of the success that we had in the past era but building a bridge to it. Here's the 3 Essential Keys for the new field manager.

1.Believe In It If you ask Alpine head coach Ryan Stevens how many games he expects to win next year he would be able to pull out a notepad and pencil and show you formulas for how many games will be needed to win the division & how many runs will be scored to do so. Ask Chris Schmidt of Trinidad the same question and he will tell you that he wants to “win the first game and go from there.” Santa Fe Fuego manager Bill Moore will reach down and tell you in an evangelical tone that he “EXPECTS TO WIN THEM ALL!” While there is no right or wrong answer on whose approach is better what has made these coaches successful is that they have a system that suits them and they stick to it. When you play nearly 70-consecutive days there's never a good time to suddenly decide that you want to try something new. Independent league baseball is not kind to the concept of change for the sake of change, especially when your competing coaches have a structured system that the fans, players, and assistant coaches are familiar with. And with only 8-teams in the league you will face each opponent enough times to see if your system really is the best. There won't be any lucky wins so if you believe in your way and your talent the opportunity to prove it is here.

2 Be It The Pecos League is built on the concept of giving players an opportunity to play and advance to higher paying leagues. If you are doing a good job you are rewarded by seeing your best players leave your team. As a result, YOU are the face of the franchise because you are the only thing that is consistent during the season. Publicity, community outreach, talent evaluation, and everything else you can imagine is going to be your responsibility. As the field manager of the Vaqueros you will be the sun of the Las Cruces baseball universe, everything will revolve around you. Be prepared.

3 Create It One of the strengths of the Casey Dill's staff was that they were able to have players do things that they were not comfortable with for the benefit of the team. 2B Logan Lotti moved to rightfield to allow for Randy Wells to take over at secondbase and league MVP Steve Rinuado was moved to leftfield when Kevin Wager become a force at third. Rinuado and outfielders Devon Bouvier and Patrick Nolan also saw innings on the pitching mound. Last year's Vaqueros were a team that used everyone's talents and created wins by showing their players that opportunity can show-up at anytime, in any form. If you have a system that you believe in, a desire to be the foundation of a team, and the ability to create victory when you are looking at defeat contact Andrew Dunn because we have a job for you.

Eric Tellez is a contributing writer to PecosLeague.com