8/7/2012-The Las Cruces Vaqueros were lead by a great coaching staff on Mike Nassisi, Casey Dill and Dustin Woodward. The Vaqueros were built as an offensive team with the best defensive infield in the league. They lead the league in double plays and used Trevor Whyte, Randy Wells, Jesse Olivar, and Kevin Wager all year long. Their pitching staff was good enough to keep them in games. Like most Pecos League Teams their bullpen is limited. They kept the Vaqueros together all year long despite constant offers from higher leagues to promote their players. Casey Dill says: "I have established a great relationship with several higher level independent leagues. When our season is over I will promote my players. This is the agreement that we have and it has worked well." It has lead to the best season ever for the Vaqueros and they will promote more players than any team in the Pecos League because of it. Because of the success of the Vaqueros and the fact it is the biggest city in the Pecos League, Las cruces will be attractive for free agents in the off season. Neither Dill nor the Pecos League knows for sure if he is going to be back in Las Cruces.