An awesome effort by Daniel Aldrich carried the Santa Fe Fuego (18-46) to a 29-8 win over the Salina Stockade (28-35) on Tuesday at Fort Marcy Park.

Aldrich blasted two home runs for the Santa Fe Fuego. Aldrich went 3-4 in the game with three RBIs and three runs scored. Aldrich homered in the fourth and seventh innings.

CJ Epperson rocked the Santa Fe Fuego with two home runs. Epperson went 4-5 in the game with four RBIs and two runs scored. Epperson homered in the fourth and ninth innings.

Each team blasted the others pitching, and there were 37 total runs and 36 hits during the game. There were six pitchers used in the game as the two managers searched for any way to finish it off.

The Santa Fe Fuego continued to pile on the runs until the end of the game. The Santa Fe Fuego scored 14 runs in the final three innings to cap the blowout win. The Santa Fe Fuego scored 10 runs in the seventh on the Santa Fe Fuego scored in the seventh on an RBI single by Chris Tavares, a sacrifice fly by Joey Lacugna, a three-run home run by Anthony Ruggiero, a two-run triple by Omar Artsen, an error, and a two-run home run by Aldrich.

Ryo Ose recorded his second win of the year for the Santa Fe Fuego. He allowed four runs over seven innings. He struck out four, walked none and surrendered eight hits.

Ryan Harper ended up on the wrong side of the pitching decision, charged with his second loss of the year. He allowed 10 runs in four innings, walked one and struck out six.

The Santa Fe Fuego hammered the Salina Stockade pitching as six hitters had a field day, combining for 21 hits, 23 RBIs and 22 runs scored.