6/30/2016-When you look at rosters in the Pecos League you will stumble upon the Topeka Train Robbers roster. It looks like most rosters with the exception of Dmitry Shtykher. Dmitry is 20 years old and is from Russia. He is currently the Train Robbers 2nd starter in the rotation.

Dmitry Shtykher is the youngest player in the league. In 2015 he pitched for the Wisconsin River Rapids in the Northwoods League. Dmitry was one of the top 50 European Prospects and attended the MLB European Academy in Regensburg, Germany.

Says field manager Max Garza "There is a lot of room for growth for Dmitry Shtykher. The Pecos League is the next step for his development. Once he masters the Pecos League he will move to the next level wherever that is. For now he is making adjustments every start."