5/21/2016-The Topeka Train Robbers were swept by the Roswell Invaders in their inaugural series. The team was blown out in all three games. Bob Fritz has asked Max Garza to return as field manager for the 2016 season.

Pecos League Commissioner Andrew Dunn: "The players and staff realize this isn't going to work. Bob is completely overmatched at this level. The players are very concerned about what is going on. He has told us he has family issues in Ohio but yet he called Max to come and manager the team....We have been getting calls all day. Max will have the team turned around immediately. The players to compete are here."

Max Garza "I had my sights set on playing in the American Association. I didn't make the opening day roster. I know with the players we have we can build a team to win in Topeka. Bob has asked me to take over while he goes and addresses a family issue. He just wants to go back to Ohio."