Teri Trujillo of Las Cruces "Most people didn't even know that the Vaqueros are back. By the end of the year people started to realized and more and more people attended the games."

"I am glad that we decided to return to Las Cruces. It was a successful season. There is a need for baseball in Las Cruces at our level. Not everyone wants to goto El Paso and pay very high prices." Andrew Dunn of Pecos League

"The players we had were liked in the community that wasn't the case with earlier Vaqueros Teams. I got a really bad draw of players out of Spring Training and never recovered. I got some International kids that couldn't play at all. The entire season we were playing catch up with the roster. In 2016 I will have guys that can play in this league from Day 1." says Darrell Carrillo Field Manager Las Cruces Vaqueros

In 2016 the Vaqueros look to improve in attendence and in the standings. " />Vaqueros have turn around season despite record Vaqueros have turn around season despite record
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