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Pecos League Players playing in Frontier League in 2015

Players who played in the Frontier League
Michael Hur-Rockford Aviators
Anthony Renteria-Rockford Aviators
Cam Sherrer-Schaumburg Boomers
Kagen Hopkins-Schaumburg Boomers
Clint Manzo-Evansville Otters
Anthony Renz-Evansville Otters
Ed Kohout-Florence Freedom
Austin Newell-Florence Freedom
Elvin Rodriguez-Florence Freedom
Jordan Kraus-Frontier Greys
Ryan Richardson-Lake Erie Crushers
Yuta Okazaki-Lake Erie Crushers
Daniel Aldrich-Lake Erie Crushers
Ryan DiMascio-Southern Illnois Miners
Craig Massey--Southern Illnois Miners