7/9/2015-The Las Vegas Train Robbers will play their final 2015 Home Game on the campus of New Mexico Highlands on Saturday July 18th at 11AM. The game will be the final home game for the Train Robbers.

The Train Robbers have been unable to play games at Rodriguez Park since 2013 due to afternoon Monsoon Rains. These rains have canceled 15 of the last 20 scheduled home games at Rodriguez Park. New Mexico Highlands Baseball Field has a field turf infield which eliminates rain outs.

The 2013 playoffs and 2013 Spring Training were moved to Las Vegas due to flooding rain.

Max Garza of the Las Vegas Train Robbers: "None of our players want to play at Rodriguez Park. We have no chance of playing games there. The City has taken all of the screens and our chalker. We have no way to get the field ready being a travel team. Highlands is the best field in the city and that is where games should be played in this town. All of our games have been rained, this is a doubleheader that we need to play, we are thrilled to goto Highlands."