9/4/2014-The Pecos League of Professional Baseball Clubs will not accept players from any winter league. This list includes (California Winter League, Arizona Winter League, Myrtle Beach Winter and Texas Winter League). These leagues are setup to profit off of the players and if you think you are going to get signed out of one of these leagues you should look at the facts. Some of these leagues will get you in Spring Training with a team but you actually are hurting your chances of playing professional baseball by going to these leagues.

The Pecos League only signs players from its tryouts and its Pecos Spring League.

Chris Triebt Manager of Roswell Invaders "As a player I attended both the California (2012) and Texas Winter Leagues (2013). I lead the CWL in ERA and appereances and got no offers. They told me I would get a call. My only job was in the Pecos League. Back then the Pecos League allowed CWL players or I would have had no job. The Arizona Winter League is the Texas Winter League they are trying to confuse people by changing names. It is not the Arizona Winter League from 2008-2011. They are trying to use the name of the Arizona Winter League to confuse players. What jobs do they have for players? They used to send everyone to the United League which no longer exists. Players who go there will get hung. They have no where to send you and just want your money. The player is the loser in this deal"

Evan Smith is a father of a player who attended the startup Myrtle Beach Winter League: "The Coach from the The Myrtle Beach Winter League promised they would have high level jobs in the ECBL for players. When we got there, their was no league it was total fraud. The owner stole all of the players money and left town. We didn't even play games as promised when we were looking for the owner he left the country and didn't return calls."

Darrell Carrillo Manager of Las Cruces Vaqueros "The California Winter League is calling my players telling them if they pay $3500 they will get them a Pro Contract in Japan. It makes no sense and is total fraud. The Winter Leagues prey off of kids trying to live the Dream. They have no jobs and once they have a kids money the kid never hears from them."

The Pecos League is the place for rookies with no prior professional experience to break in. The only developmental league that the Pecos League will consider players from is Pecos Spring League. There are no guarantees that you will make a team or a spring training spot. But you will have the highest percentage opportunity. If someone is attempting to take money from you for a winter league then it would be wise to ask them what jobs they have for you if you attend the league. Jobs are paying jobs not Spring Training Invites where you will be released.