1/15/2012-The City of Las Cruces has begun work on reconstruction of grandstands at Apodoca Park. This week the City has completely torn down the historic grandstands. These grandstands came from a racetrack in Kansas City in the 1960's according to a history report of the ballpark. Cranes and cutters circled Apodoca Park this week. Next week construction will begin to build the new structure. The new seating structure will be completed or before March 15, 2012. The Vaqueros will now have one of the finest facilities in the Pecos League with seating around 850. The infield has been completely rebuilt. The chicken wire is down and new netting with replace it. The Vaqueros are pleased to have Marci Dickerson owner of The Game Restaurant back for concession stand/beer operations. People in Las Cruces are already excited about being able to go to game and actually have space to sit down. The Vaqueros are committing to putting a winning team in Las Cruces for years to come.