5/28/2015-The Las Vegas Train Robbers made Pecos League History on Monday Night when they became the first team to Travel by Train to a Game. The Train left Vegas at 3PM MST and arrived in Garden City Kansas at 11:05 PM CST.

"The Pecos League has been excellent in 2015, the Train, the fields and the hotels have been outstanding and first class. We are the Train Robbers so we belong on the Train this was a great idea. The Amtrak staff is the best" says Las Vegas Field Manager Max Garza Garza played for Trinidad in 2013 and Taos in 2014 before landing in Vegas in the 2015 season. "Travel by vans and cars can't compare to the train, we hop in the Train and 10 hours later we arrive at the hotel. No one is lumped behind a steering wheel for 10 hours."

The Train Robbers make two more train trips this season and the Santa Fe Fuego will make one trip as well.