1/5/2012-The Santa Fe Baseball Team has been through alot of they haven't even stepped on the field. Today the Pecos League has announced the Santa Fe team will be called the Santa Fe Fuego. The name and logo of the Santa Fe Mountain Lions was too similar to the Penn State Nittany Lions. Also with the Florida Marlins changing their colors it would be hard to get gear in Teal. Robert Romero lead the way for the name change. The colors will be Yellow, Red and Black. The logo will be released in the next two weeks and will incorporate a Zia and fire. Fuego means fire in Spanish and is commonly spoken in sports with the term en Fuego. After three tries (Zozobras, Sangres and Mountain Lions) the Pecos League decided to let the people of Santa Fe take control of the naming. "Many people suggested the Senators and I felt that was not a good name with the Ottawa Senators in the NHL and the Harrisburg Senators in MILB. We really heard some crazy names but this one will stick. Many people started to play the Penn State Card so we needed to change immediately. I never realized how similar the Mountain Lion Hats were to Penn State." says Andrew Dunn Commisioner of the Pecos League. The website will remain the same http://santafe.pecosleague.com Fans who bought a Mountain Lions hat can exchange in for a Fuego Hat once the Fuego Hats are made. "This has been quite a ride already and we haven't even started. I don't care what we are called I am ready to hit the field. " says field manager Bill Moore. The Santa Fe Fuego will be holding a tryout on December 11th at Fort Marcy Park at 1:00 MST both Moore and Dunn will be in attendence seeking players for the 2012 season.