7/21/2014-The Pecos Spring League is the official and exclusive developmental/showcase league from which players may be signed by Pecos League teams. Teams from the Pecos League will not sign players from the California Winter League, Myrtle Beach Winter League, Texas Winter League, or any other developmental/showcase league. As of March 1, 2012, no other developmental/showcase league is authorized to sign or promise to sign players to Pecos League contracts. Any statements or promises to the contrary by such leagues is false. Although some players may be signed without having attended any developmental/showcase league, if a player attends any other showcase/developmental league, that player will be ineligible to be signed by a Pecos League team unless he also attends the Pecos Spring League in the same or subsequent season. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

The Pecos League is an entry-level league and represents a rookie's best opportunity to get started in professional baseball. Experience has shown that players who sign with higher independent leagues as rookies have a very high probability of being released. An undrafted player with no professional experience will have a much better chance of getting a successful start in professional baseball with the Pecos League than with any other league. The league has scores of roster spots available during the regular season, the majority of which are filled by rookies. But, again, players who attend any developmental/showcase league other than the Pecos Spring League will be INELIGIBLE to play in the Pecos League, unless that player also attends the Pecos Spring League during the same or subsequent season.