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The Vaqueros are returning to Las Cruces.

11/17/2014- After a two year absence the Vaqueros are returning to Apodoca Park. The Vaqueros will remain in the Southern Division of the Pecos League of Professional Baseball Clubs. The Vaqueros will have a new logo and new identity but will still bring a high level of baseball to Las Cruces. The Vaqueros will have high quality players but will be a much different presence in the Las Cruces Community than in 2010-2012. Darrell Carrillo will be the field manager of the Las Cruces Vaqueros. Darrell is no stranger to the Las Cruces Vaqueros or the Pecos League. Darrell managed the White Sands Pupfish in Alamogordo in 2014 and lead the fish to the best record in the league in the month of June.
Darrell has also managed against the Vaqueros since they first were formed in the Continental League in 2010. He has owned and operated the New Mexico School of Baseball and played over 12 games against the Vaqueros since 2010. Darrell Carrillo says: “The Vaqueros and the Pecos League are the best Las Cruces is going to get. The problem that the Vaqueros have had in Las Cruces is they haven’t done anything for the community. They have expected the Community to do things for them and never did anything in return. The El Paso Chihuahuas are great but families can’t afford to go on a regular basis. The Vaqueros are $6 tickets in town and will be very good players. The Players in the Pecos League are much better than they were in 2010-2012, the league is established. 30 players from the Pecos League have signed contracts with MLB affiliated teams in the last year.”

Andrew Dunn says: “The Continental League of 2010 and the Pecos League of 2011-2012 did a lot of good things in Las Cruces. All nine starters from the 2012 team played in the Frontier League and two of the players Chris Peacock (Pittsburgh Pirates) and Jimmy Parque (St Louis Cardinals) signed affiliated contracts. The Vaqueros of 2015 will do even better. Many people have reached out to us, hoping we would bring baseball back to Cruces. The El Paso Chihuahuas have actually strengthened the demand in Cruces for baseball with their great success. It was originally believed they would shut the demand down but I believe the Vaqueros will have their best season ever in 2015. Roswell, Alpine and White Sands are very excited to have the Vaqueros back in the league. Most of the population of Las Cruces didn’t know there was team in town, this time that will change.”