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Extreme Makeover Complete in Alamogordo

10/24/2014- The Pecos League's inaugural season was in 2011 and the White Sands Pupfish hosted the Las Cruces Vaqueros in their first series. Their home Griggs Ballpark was clearly the worst in the league. It was a Senior Fourplex that was in process of being converted to a Pro Field. The entire field was resodded and the entire infield was redesigned. The outfield grass was just beginning to regrow. The infield was still settling and was hard.

It is a slow process in the desert to get grass to grow but every year the park has gotten better and better. In 2014 White Sands was voted by the players as the best playing surface in the league. The pitchers loved the mound as well. The outfield now resembles a golf course. The infield resembles and affiliated Spring Training Field. The team now has a full locker room and club house. Their is an umpires room. The pressbox now dons Vegas Gold and Black and is ideal for staff. Extreme Makeover is complete in Alamogordo as the Pupfish will host Southern Spring Training for there third year in row.