7/26/2014-The Douglas Diablos will likely be out of the Pecos League for the 2015 season. This move comes as no surprise as the Diablos finished dead last in Pecos League attendence. The Diablos never caught on in the community at all and had virtually no following. Douglas had a great facility including underground locker rooms and great seating. The Diablos had no fans from day 1.

The City of Douglas did everything asked of them and more, they helped provide home player housing and sold beer at the games.

Unlike Bisbee were the team became very popular as the season grew. The Pecos League tried everything possible to get a following but it never happened.
Fans don't want to pay $6 to watch a baseball game in Douglas Arizona. When they can cross the border and watch one for a fraction of the price.
The Agua Prieta Vaqueros of the Liga Norte de Sonora play less than 2 miles away from the Diablos Stadium and attract great crowds. The Mexican Side of the border has a much larger population than the American side of the border and a deep baseball history.
The last professional baseball team that played in Douglas in the won the 1958 Arizona-Mexico League and finished dead last in attendence.
Managers across the league all had the same feelings
Andrew Dunn of Pecos League says: "The Pecos League is best suited for 8 teams, we tried Douglas for one year to help reduce Bisbee's travel costs and now it is best that Bisbee stand on their own going forward. With no newspaper and no media there was never any interested generated and I don't think it would get better. The city was very welcoming to us."
Ryan Stevens of Alpine Cowboys
"Bisbee is great, I don't think Douglas has a future."