Matt Chambers White Sands Pupfish "There are so many of these leagues the players are confused, probably the best idea is not to go to CWL, you won't get signed and you will be banned."

Justin Thompson 2017 Monterey Amberjacks Manager "If a team wants to sign you they aren't going to charge $3500. The good thing is the real players are smarter than that so it kinda culls out the real players, if you are a real players you aren't going to CWL for $3500."

Bryan Kloppe 2016 Roswell Invaders Field Manager "If you don't have affliated experience I would advise players to avoid all winter leagues... they are death traps to your career. There is confusion and you will be banned."

Chris Treibt 2015 Roswell Invaders Manager and 2012 Participant of California Winter League says "They make a lot of promises and really mislead players... It is not an honest operation...It is a dead end, they take your money and lead you to believe you will get signed and you get no where. They paid the Frontier League a lot of money to use their name.. If you talk to Frontier League Managers they aren't building their teams from the CWL. They get players released from affliated ball. The problem is every year there is a new crop of players that don't know any better until they have lost their money and been banned from leagues. They offer no refunds."
Darrell Carrillo 2015 Las Cruces Vaqueros Manager "Why is the California Winter League calling all of my players trying to charge them $3000 and telling them they can get them signed in the Frontier League. They have never seen my players... These guys are preying on these kids dreams. The kids don't know any better. At least the Pecos League is trying to stand up for the players."
JD Droddy 2016 Tucson Saguaros Manager "Earning a starting job in the Frontier League without affliated experience is a very tough task. It is a very good league and most position players have affliated experience. Going to a Winter League isn't going to get you where you dream to go. I have gotten 100's of calls from guys that wish they would have known the truth before the went."
Ryan Stevens Director of player procurement with Alpine Cowboys "It is a joke that they run an entire operation on misleading players. I would hate to have to run a business that way. I think it is great the Pecos League stood up to them for what was right. In 2011 we signed players from there and it was nothing but a problem. The Pecos League is much better without their players. The problem is there are so many kids that are lied to." Do your research before committing to the California Winter League.
Before you register with the California Winter League try to find a friend or someone who has had a successful experience going there. Almost all the players who sign up wish they would have known. " />California Winter League Reviews California Winter League Reviews
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