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The Lancaster Sound Breakers are one and done in the Hangar

9/1/2023-The City of Lancaster has entered into a lease with a soccer organization to take over the Hangar. They will convert the Hangar into a soccer setup that will not be suitable for baseball. Construction will likely begin in the Summer of 2024 which will end the Sound Breakers one year run in the Pecos League. The Sound Breakers had a great fan base and set the single season Pecos League attendence record.

"It was a great staff and an ideal place to work. Sad day for Lancaster and Sad Day for Pecos League. This was one of the best places I have worked." says Tim Wheeler of the Pecos League.

Andrew Dunn of the Pecos League
"The City of Lancaster was great, we never had one problem from day one. We all wish we could co-exist with Soccer but I guess we cant. A very tough day for the Pecos League and not the outcome we expected, we were never brought to the table for negotiations. In the middle of season we were told Soccer was coming and we had the same thing happen in High Desert. I thought we would have been able to try to discuss an option for baseball but I guess this was a done deal. The Hangar was one of the best facilites the Pecos League has ever played in. It was built for baseball."

Lancaster will follow in High Desert path of having a soccer team take over the stadium. Adelanto Stadium/High Desert was a former Cal League Stadium that believed soccer was the answer. Adelanto Stadium hosted the Pecos League from 2017-2019 before signing with a soccer team. The Soccer team hasnt played since 2019 and the stadium hasnt hosted baseball since.