4/21/2023-The Pecos League will play two neutral site games on the historic Cleve Borman Field in Napa Valley, California. Cleve Borman Field is one of California's oldest ballparks in our country. Back in the early 1900s the California Veterans administration sponsored and financed Sunday baseball to entertain the veterans residing there.

The Baseball entertainment tradition continues for the 600 veterans who live at the Home. Each season, the vets come out to cheer on their Home teams the Napa Valley Baseball Club who maintains the field and the Tug McGraw Foundation's Mixed Nutts, an all veteran team that range in ages from 54 to 91.

Aside from being one of the oldest fields, its playing surface is one of the best! The veterans are looking forward to seeing the Pecos League in Action!

The San Rafael Pacifics will host the Dublin Leprechauns on Friday June 9th at 12:00 Noon (tickets here).
The Dublin Leprechauns will host the Lancaster Sound Breakers on Tuesday July 25th at 12:00 Noon (tickets here) Tickets are $10 to each game.