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Pecos League Pacific Division Finalizes Schedule

2/5/2022- The Pacific Division of the Pecos League finalized its 2022 schedule on Friday 2/4/2022. For 2022 the Pacific Division will consist of Seven California Teams and the Tucson Saguaros. Teams will play a 50 game home schedule with Wasco and Tucson playing games against the Mountain Division teams.

The Santa Rosa Scuba Divers are an expansion team for 2022 and the two time defending champion Tucson Saguaros are moving back into the Pacific Division from the Mountain Divison. The Saguaros also played in the Pacific Division in 2017 and 2019 and depending on league alignment can fit in either division. The 2023 goal of the Pecos League is to add one more team and have an eight team all California Division with North and South.

The division is split into North and South with the North consisting of San Rafael Pacifics, Santa Rosa Scuba Divers, Santa Cruz Seaweed and Martinez Sturgeon. The South consists of Tucson Saguaros, Bakersfield Train Robbers, Wasco Reserve and Monterey Amberjacks. Four teams will qualify for the playoffs that begin August 1. The two division winners and the two teams with next best record regardless of division. The winner of the Pacific Division will advance and play the winner of the Eight team Mountain Division. The Regular Season begins on May 26, 2022 with traditional rivalry games. Below is each teams opening games:

  • May 26-Wasco at Bakersfield
  • May 26-San Rafael at Martinez
  • May 26-Santa Cruz at Santa Rosa
  • May 27-Santa Cruz at Monterey
  • June 2-Tucson at San Rafael