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Santa Fe Fuego release their 2021 Schedule

2/18/2021- The Santa Fe Fuego have released their 2021 Schedule. The Fuego are proud to call Fort Marcy Park home. Santa Fe is in the Southern Division with the Roswell Invaders, Tucson Saguaros and Alpine Cowboys. Between the four teams 8 of the 10 Pecos League Championships have been won. Roswell (3), Alpine (2), Tucson (2) and Santa Fe (1).

Bill Rogan will serve as the Field Manager for the Fuego. Opening day for the Fuego is June 2, 2021 in Roswell against the Invaders. The home opener is June 4, 2021 at Fort Marcy Park against the Invaders.

The Fuego receive off days on July 11 for the Pecos League Mountain Division All Star Game. The other off days are July 28 and July 29.

Here is breakdown of opponents.

  • Total Games: 62
  • Total Home Games: 32
  • Total Away Games: 30
  • Roswell Invaders home Games: 4
  • Roswell Invaders away Games: 10
  • Alpine Cowboys home Games: 4
  • Alpine Cowboys away Games: 11
  • Tucson Saguaros home Games: 11
  • Tucson Saguaros away Games: 6
  • Trinidad Triggers home Games: 2
  • Trinidad Triggers Away Games: 2
  • Salina Home Games: 9
  • Springs Sox home Games: 2
  • Springs Sox Away Games: 1