Thank You for Your Support!

Dear Pacifics Fans,

As you may be aware, our fundraising campaign comes to an end at midnight on December 21, 2015.  We’ve raised over $4,000 in our efforts to retire our long-term debt and we’re truly grateful for the donations we’ve received from our many friends throughout the community.  Thank you so much for your generosity and support.

That said, if you haven’t had a chance to pledge a donation, we hope you’ll consider any financial assistance you can offer to allow us to continue providing low-cost, family fun entertainment throughout the summer months.  

I also want to assure all of our fans and supporters that the Pacifics will be playing at Albert Park in San Rafael whether or not we achieve our crowd funding goal.  We’ll keep doing all of our promotions, special events, celebrity appearances and, most importantly, all the community outreach efforts such as hospital visits, senior center appearances, school reading programs, charitable fundraising and community events.  

All of us with the Pacifics dearly love being a part of what makes San Rafael and all of Marin such a great place to live and such a great place to play professional baseball on a very local level so close to home.  Of course, we can only make it happen with the support of our great fans, our sponsors and our host families, so on behalf of the entire Pacifics family I want to say Thank You and wish you a very Happy Holidays.


Mike Shapiro
President and General Manager 

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